Storm Damage Roof Repair in Austin

Repairing Severe Roof Damage

Many people assume that living in Texas means that the sun shines down all day, all year round. While it is true that we do get a lot of sunbeams, anyone who has been a resident in Texas for even a short amount of time will know that we get more than of full share of storms. Although these storms can last anywhere from half an hour to several days, even a small thunderstorm can cause significant damage in just a short amount of time. This is especially the case when hard winds, hail, and even snow or ice accompany torrential sheets of rain. In the devastation following a storm, you need a dedicated crew whom you can rely on to help you get back on your feet. Trust our team at MassBur Construction to provide the powerful support you need to repair your roof and home.

Detecting the Signs That You Need Storm Repairs

It is not always easy to tell whether your house is just a little worse for wear following a storm, or if it needs more extensive repairs. In many cases, your roof might externally look just fine, but there is damage beneath the shingles that needs rapid resolutions or they could make the rest of your roof unsound, along with the rest of the building. This is why you should immediately contact roofing experts who can perform a thorough examination of the stability of your infrastructure. 

In the meantime, however, there are certain signs to look for to detect the level of damage your roof has undergone. If there are shingles missing here and there or tiles have broken off, these may just need some minor replacements, with a sturdier coating. However, if there are noticeable leaks or a smell of mold, and your shingles are damp or pooling water underneath, you may need to have more extensive storm repairs. Loss of energy efficiency is another sure sign that you should contact a dedicated roofing professional.

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How Our Storm Restoration Team Can Support You

When our reliable experts turn up at your door, you can count on them to perform an extensive evaluation to inspect the damage left by the storm, assessing if superficial repairs are required, or more intense reparations. Once we have identified all the aspects that need to be resolved, we will provide you with a full report, along with our advice for which elements must be fixed immediately, and which can take place later in the process.

Some of the thorough storm repair services we can provide include:

  • Adding a new coating application
  • Fixing hail damage
  • Replacing a fleeceback membrane
  • Repairing both standard PVC and KEE HP PVC
  • Fixing damage caused by water and wind 
  • Removing debris, vegetation, and fallen trees
  • Reconstruction of roofing infrastructure
  • Repair of shingles, tiles, and sheathing

Call Today for Total Peace of Mind

When you reach out to us for storm damage roof repair in Austin, you breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you will not have to pick up the pieces alone. Our dedicated team can even help you get started on filling out claims for insurance.

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