How to Plan Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

A bathroom remodel is a clever way to improve the value of your home. You could focus on an extreme makeover or simplify the process with key upgrades. Before you set out on this renovation adventure, however, it's important to plan out key steps ahead of time. Follow these guidelines to streamline any bathroom project.

1. Focus on Wants and Needs

A standard bathroom has a staggering amount of items within it, from faucets to shower stalls. Think about what you want to upgrade. It can be as simple as swapping out the cabinet hardware, faucet fixtures and adding new paint. You might want a complete remodel that includes pulling the toilets and retiling the shower.

Make a list of your wants and needs so that you can match them to a budget later on. Bathroom remodeling has a wide range of choices and price points.

2. Set a Budget

Perform some research on your bathroom remodel. Look up material costs at local home-improvement stores. Compare those prices with your budget. Keep in mind that hiring professionals will change the cost with labor involved. Your plans may be thoroughly researched, but hiring Austin bathroom remodeling contractors is important for the actual work.

Your budget may need to be adjusted as you work toward a professional hire. Be flexible with your vision so that you can include most of the needs and a few of the wants.

3. Select a Contractor

Take the next step forward by selecting a contractor. Reputable professionals, like our team at MassBur Construction, can quote and explain every detail surrounding your potential remodel. They listen to your needs and suggest solutions. Professionals can help you remain within your projected budget while upgrading the bathroom as much as possible.

Our Austin bathroom remodeling contractors are licensed and insured in their service area. They'll be able to complete the bathroom remodeling with attention to detail and safety every day.

4. Plan for Customized Materials

As you settle on a contractor's assistance, discuss any specialty items that you're thinking of using. Rare tiles and other items may be out of stock in local stores. Solidify your remodeling plan by ordering these customized options first. They'll need time to be created and shipped out to you. Waiting until the last minute will only delay the project. Your contractor can help with the ordering process.

5. Pick out the Materials in Person

You may have a long, online list of materials to purchase for the remodel. Tiles, fixtures and other items are easily found with a quick search. However, perform your final purchases with an in-person visit to the store or contractor's office. Seeing the materials in person allows you to see any varying colors that can be deceiving on a computer screen. Your contractor might have other suggestions too, which can improve the remodel with a professional's eye for decor.

6. Contract With the Contractor

Remember to sign a contract with your contractor so that every detail is in writing. You'll know what will be installed and upgraded along with a rough timeline. Professionals, such as MassBur Construction, put everything in writing so that you know what to expect. The job will be completed as discussed. Without a contract, other companies might go above your budget or fail to complete the work. Let real professionals finish the work, and you can sit back and enjoy the new bathroom.

Get your bathroom remodel project off the ground. Contact the construction contractors at MassBur Construction today. Our professionals can partner with you for a dream renovation. Explore your upgrade options and enjoy a new bathroom in little time.